Love,war, politics: Where do you draw the line of fairness?

IPFT(Indigenous People Front of Tripura) and other tribal wings are on a road and rail blockade movement programe on the demand of saperate state, 'TIPRALAND" in the outskirts of Agartala, Capital of the Northeastern state of Tripura.Pix By-Abhisek Saha

They say, “Everything is fair in love and war”. But, what about politics? Practically, it has nothing to do with love, no matter who preaches what, and it might be not as extreme as war, but in spirit, is nothing less either. None of us needs a reminder of what a struggle it has been to free the state from the oppressive grasp of the Lefties in the last two and a half ghastly decades, and now that the crimson cover is blown off, was it wrong of us to hope for a little unfiltered sunshine? The joke is upon us, we might have replaced the red flags, but the streets still bear the crimson shade of blood spilled over petty agendas. In place of harmony, we have discord. And the worst part is that, the two parties who fought their ways through to the administrative cushions are now opposing each-other instead of  upholding the coalition that was accorded upon. IPFT formed a coalition government with BJP as they thought it was in the best interest of the state, with the indigenous people’s blessings and the center’s wisdom. Last march, we all  celebrated together, thinking Acche din aa gaye, but the blatant betrayal that IPFT faced in the last couple of days make us think that the said Acche din is  nothing but Moh-maaya!

Why did Cain kill Abel? He had the notion that God favoured Abel in his work over Cain, and hence the elder brother struck down the younger with a stone. Here, if we consider BJP to be the elder brother, IPFT is by default the younger.

And the recent Panchayat by Election nominee registration has been nothing but biblical. The BJP bhakts spared no effort in ensuring that the IPFT can not register their nominees. I am not too sure what they are so scared of after
planting their flags almost all over the country, but let me walk you through the facts of the events that has been happening right infront of our eyes. In the Boxanagar booth, the IPFT nominees were on their way to file their nominations, accompanied by the IPFT General Secretary Shri Shukla Noatia and
myself, when an incited BJP mob ambushed the convoy, pelting stones and bombs. The vehicle carrying us was smashed and multiple casualties happened when the conflict broke out. The IPFT were only trying to defend themselves and reach the registration booth to file their nominees, but the mob saw to it that they never could reach in time. One might think that it was the sentiment of the local people and had nothing to do with the BJP as a whole, but that façade came off as soon as more similar incidents happened. In Dharmanagar, the same thing happened, they convoy carrying Shri Ananta Debbarma and the nominees was stopped with a blockade and then was attacked with letha weapons.

The police, along with the Superintendent of Police came to the rescue in order to protect and safeguard the IPFT members. But, the story doesn’t end there either, yet another incident happened at Kamalpur, Durgachowmuhani, where Shri Dhananjoy Tripura (MLA), Shri MalayDebbarma and other IPFT members were subjected to the same fate. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you, but fool me thrice and you definitely are executing a planned conspiracy beyond any shred of doubt, BJP. My question is, why? Why such “gundagiri” when all we want is a peaceful democratic poll? Why not let the people choose their leaders? Why not let India be a democratic country instead of subjecting under dictatorship? This is not what the IPFT was looking forward to. I am sure, all the Leaders of BJP, Tripura will remember the efforts pulled in by Shri Shukla
Noatia in planning, executing and making this coalition government a success?

His work as an IPFT leader for the people of Tripura is undeniable, along with various other leaders too. And today, we have the BJP mob pelt stones at him and the rest of us, backstabbing at every opportunity possible. Waah BJP, Waah! Keep your acche din! With every trust and faith broken, and opportunities or a fair panchayat election stripped from us, all we can say in warning is that, remember for every Lucifer, there is a Gabriel.

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